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USA: Whole Foods ‘ Food Shopping Tracker

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Whole Foods Market has announced results from its annual Food Shopping Trends Tracker survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive- The survey found that 68 % of adults in the USA have changed their cooking and eating habits because of the current state of the economy. 51 % of the surveyed stated they were eating dinner at home more often, and 37 % said they were budgeting food shopping trips more strictly, as reported on PR Newswire. 76 % of the interviewees said they did not want to compromise on the quality of the food. 75 % said they would continue to purchase natural and/or organic foods in the same quantities as they always had, and 65 % of consumers stated they would like to find ways to be able to buy these foods within their budget.

A.C. Gallo, co-president and chief operating officer for Whole Foods Market , said that this research showed what they were also seeing  with their customers, as they were taking advantage of their in-store value programs and specials, and they were turning to the company for meal planning and ideas more than ever before, especially via their website. Whole Foods Market is also embarking on a new Healthy Eating Initiative for customers and the company's team members. The program, which will start in early 2010, aims to help make informed diet and lifestyle choices that promote good health.

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