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Italy: Fairtrade coffee with environmental friendly packaging

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The commitment to environmental sustainability and the investment in research and development are at the ideas behind the first eco-friendly Fairtrade coffee. Altromercato is the first brand to introduce a package that contains no aluminium, but is made with different layers of plastic, Greenplanet reports. The new packaging, developed in collaboration with Pack Co. (a consulting company in developing research projects in the field of packaging), offers consumers sustainable products in combination with responsibility for the countries of the south of the world.

"Started in 2006, the design of environmentally sustainable packaging takes an important milestone today, becoming a real opportunity for conscious consumers, “according to Chiara Bonati, president of Altromercato. The new packaging effectively protects the roasted coffee from light, moisture and oxygen and provides a vacuum. During the three years of the project of Altromercato, about 3000 kilograms of aluminium were avoided with this packaging. 1.5 million packages were sold in the first three years of the project, and a further 1,8 million packages are expected to be sold in 2010/2011.






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