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World's first Fairtrade melons arrive in the UK

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The world’s first ever Fairtrade certified melons produced by a small growers’ co-operative COODAP (Cooperativa de Desenvolvimento Agroindustrial Potiguar) from Mossoro in northern Brazil are available in Asda and Morrisons now. The co-operative which has 20 members is the first producer group to receive Fairtrade certification for melon production. Maria Do Socorro Santos Ribeiro of COODAP says the farmers are looking forward to receiving a fair price and having a international market for their fruit. The farmers hope to use the Fairtrade premium, in the case of melons 10 cents a kilo, on a digital station to facilitate internet access.

The new Fairtrade fruit is the latest outcome of a project started in 2004 by Univeg Direct (UK) Ltd. Univeg approached the Brazilian Pillar Group about working together in developing Fairtrade projects in Brazil. The first product to be developed was mangoes and since then Univeg Direct (UK) Ltd has been working to bring more marginalised small producers of mango and other produce into the Fairtrade system. Melons were added to the Fairtrade Standards for Fresh Fruit earlier this year by FLO, opening the door for COODAP. (Picture: Joa Helio Cavalcanti, Alan Forrester, Maria do Socorro Santos, Naji Harb, all involved in bringing Fairtrade melons to the market)

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