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Fairtrade Foundation launched world’s first Fairtrade ad break

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The Fairtrade Foundation has launched its annual Fairtrade Fortnight and this year, hoping to persuade the nation to join them in The Big Swap. For two weeks, The Fairtrade Foundation asks the public to swap their usual products for Fairtrade products. The aim is for one million and one swaps to be made. There is a "swap-o-meter" on the website, where consumers can get information on how to get involved, what their swaps could be, and how to register them. Wieden + Kennedy London has created a campaign to support the initiative to make Fairtrade Fortnight as widely known and understood in the UK as possible. 

Communications include a film "The Big Swap", the website, radio spots, a window installation, and a range of in-store promotional materials such as free coasters in Starbucks, and 1.4 million Fairtrade stickers that appear on banana bags in supermarkets all around the country, for example. In addition, in partnership with Channel 4, The Fairtrade Foundation was supporting the world’s first ever purely Fairtrade ad break in February. The commercial break, which was introduced by Channel 4 with the announcement „Its Fairtrade Fortnight, and now on 4, a special commercial break, helping dream farms everywhere“…. was  made up of spots devoted exclusively to Fairtrade products, including Cadbury, Starbucks, and The Co-Op, for example.
The interactive window installation (which is situated in the large shop window at Wieden + Kennedy on Hanbury Street) has been created to celebrate the idea of swapping ordinary products for Fairtrade products. Passers-by are encouraged to enter the „Swap their usual head“ for a „Fairtrade chocolate head“ competition by standing in front of the window and having their photograph taken. They are given a number which they text into the competition together with their details. Three winners will then be selected at random - who will ultimately have their heads cast in Divine Fairtrade chocolate by Parisian chocolatiers Véronique Lorne and Sophie Offerstein when the competition closes.

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