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Spanish actions weeks against GMOs

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Last year, the Spanish anti-GMO movement organized an action week with more than 150 activities and a demonstration in Zaragoza, in which over 8,000 people took part, calling for a GMO-free Spain. One key part of this success was the help provided by European organizations that raised the profile of the protest to international levels. The Spanish movement is organizing weeks of actions again, this year between the 5th and the 17th of April. The fortnight will culminate with a march on April 17, ending at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture in Madrid. This will show civil society's rejection to GMOs in agriculture and food.

FOE ask for help to expose the government of the only country growing GMOs at a large scale in the EU. The Spanish Government (presently the EU Presidency) continues to tolerate 80.000 hectares of commercial GM maize cultivation within Spanish borders. According to FOE, the Government has reached dangerous levels of political irresponsibility. For the first time, the Environmental Ministry admitted last October that individuals existed who have suffered the effects of the Spanish Governmental GM policy. But, far from exercising a counterbalance to the agrobiotechnology corporate lobby, the Government continues to avoid discussion of the issues put forward by environmental, farming and social organizations. These issues include a lack of transparency in approval, assessment and control mechanisms, absence of public registers of transgenic crops, irregularities in the labeling of GM foods, and cases of contamination, according to FOE.





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