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Production of organic black garlic in Spain

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Vegetalia has started to produce organic black garlic. Black garlic has undergone a fermentation process and is very popular in Asia, especially in Japan, but still relatively unknown in Europe. The Japanese community in the region of Mendoza, in Argentina, was one of the first to develop it outside the country of origin. This product is appreciated for its antioxidant value, for strenghening  the immune system and giving warmth and energy. Moreover it contains a high content of allicin.

In order to work with the best quality of garlic, Vegetalia has joined forces with Bhio Carrión located in the town of Las Pedroñeras, in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, where purple garlic with Designation of Origin and organic certification is grown. This garlic is fermented by Vegetalia then. The requirements for organic garlic are equal to those of conventional garlic: the product must be rounded and uniform. All production is certified “European” and “Sohiscert”, and the black garlic carries the CCPAE (organic certification of the Government of Catalonia) label. Vegetalia is just starting their marketing campaing via internet and at fairs, and sales will start in April or May, 2010. So far, customers from Germany and Portugal have shown interest in the product.



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