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European Conference of GMO-Free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development

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The European Conference of GMO-Free Regions, Biodiversity and Rural Development will take place in Brussels and Ghent from September 16 to 18, 2010. This year will be a decisive year for the future of GMOs in Europe. New approvals for the cultivation of GMOs and new legislative proposals by the European Commission are pending. With his approval of the first GMO for cultivation since 1998  the new Commissioner in charge sent out a clear message about his intentions. GMO-Free Europe 2010 will send back an equally clear message and prepare for further action.

The GMO-Free movement has continuously expanded, increased and diversified all across Europe and well beyond. On September 16 at their session in the European Parliament they will present their demands to the public and to institutions in Brussels. For two days they will then retreat to Ghent for exchanging experiences, ideas and strategies, for discussing the challenges ahead and for preparing joint activities on GMOs as well as related issues. Representatives from formal and informal GMO-free regions, GMO-free initiatives and activists on related issues from all over Europe are invited. Breeders and seed exchangers, farmers, bee-keepers, gmo-free traders, processors and retailers as well as consumers, critical scientists and environmental activists are welcome.Contact

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