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Eco-friendly feminine hygiene product

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Uncertain economic times coupled with continued concern for the environment is driving consumers to re-evaluate every aspect of their purchasing power. In particular, an overlooked culprit of landfill waste and pollution has the attention of women worldwide. Disposable feminine hygiene tampon and pad products are coming under scrutiny as alarming statistics point to how they significantly contribute to landfill volume, as well as pollution. Diva International Inc., makers of The DivaCup, offer a worldwide solution with their concept.

"Most women want to positively change their eco-footprint, but not all can convert to solar or can afford a hybrid car, yet they can switch from disposable tampons and pads. Our menstrual cup is a good environmental choice, because it is reusable. This is as significant as switching from paper to plastic bags. Also, women save approximately 150 US $ to 200 US $ a year, and a menstrual cup eliminates their personal contribution to the billions of tampons and pads dumped into landfills and sewer systems, annually," explains Francine Chambers, who started the company six years ago with her daughter, Carinne. 

The menstrual cup concept was first introduced almost 80 years ago and millions were sold in the 50s and 60s, only to disappear from the market for quite a while. Re-engineered, re-designed silicone cups are very popular with women of all ages once again, because they are considered less messy, more reliable, convenient, less expensive and more environmentally responsible than tampons or pads. The DivaCup retails for 39.50 US $ and is available in natural stores, independent pharmacies, at select grocers and from online vendors.





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