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UK: Green Party General Election Manifesto 2010

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Green Party in the UK has just published their general election manifesto 2010, revealing their vision on various issues like the economy, everyday life, citizens and government, the environment, as well as on international development, peace and security. One of the party's goals is to provide free school meals for all, with locally sourced or fair-trade and – where possible – organic food, with a vegetarian option, which will encourage healthy eating, combat obesity, improve concentration and the stigma associated with free school meals.

Some of the further goals are to localise the food chain, including assistance for small farms, starting farmers' markets, farm box schemes and locally owned co-ops. New targets should be set every five years, and a minimum conversion of 10 % of UK food production to organic every five years. Common Agricultural Policy should be replaced with support for smaller farms, organic agriculture, local food markets, and measures to increase biodiversity in the countryside – European subsidies must support planet-friendly farming.

Common fisheries policy should be replaced, and GM-free zones would be supported. The Green Party would work to measure and reduce the impact of meat and dairy consumption, and improve food skills by encouraging schools to involve children in growing, preparing and cooking food. Also, the party would phase out all forms of factory farming of animals and enforce strict animal welfare standards.

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