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Italy: Annual report of Agices

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

On the occasion of the World Fair Trade Day on May 8, a meeting of Agices, the General Assembly of Fairtrade, was held in Bologna. This was the twenty-first meeting of the association, at which the Annual Report 2009 was presented, according to Greenplanet. The 91 member organization has also been called to define the social strategy and policy of the new board of directors. The fairtrade market continues to grow not only for the producers of the South but also creating jobs in Italy.

The Financial Statement (approved by the Assembly) and the Annual Report 2009 (drawn on data collected in 2008) show that total revenues were 86,5 million euros - an increase of almost 6 million euros. About 1,000 people are employed in the fair trade sector throughout Italy (an increase of 130 on 2007). The activities of different members confirm relations with 262 producer organizations in the world (106 Asian, 92 Latin American and 61 African). Since 2008, Agices has been certified by ICEA.





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