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Greenpeace: Good Marks for the government of Luxembourg

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Genetic engineering has, according to the latest study of Greenpeace „Counting the Cost of Genetic Engineering“, ecolonomical effects, of which especially farmers have to suffer. Therefore, the organisation demands financial help for the farmers to support GM-free agriculture, Luxemburger Wort reports. According to Maurice Losch of Greenpeace, the situation is dramatic. „Large enterprises like Monsanto or BASF bring genetically manipulated organisms to the market, only due to their interest in profits, even though the majority of consumers all over the world has spoken against genetic engineering.“

The new report proves that farmers – no matter if they plant GM-modified or GM-free seeds – have to bear additional costs, for example by suffering from lower harvest than promised by the producers, due to having to use higher amounts of pesticides or due to costs for controls and guarantees when marketing GM-free products. Greenpeace demands from political authorities to consider these costs for the future. Besides that, farmers working without GMOs need to be supported since they are under pressure by the industry. Greenpeace acknowledges the work of the government of Luxembourg for their work against GMos, and asks them to keep on supporting quality agriculture on the European level. The association „Luxembourg sans OGM“ - „Luxembourg without GMOs“ invites the interested public to a conference with Percy Schmeiser at the Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbrück on May 26, 2010 at 8 pm.
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