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UK: MP and green campaigner wants £ 2 billion for organic produce

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond Park and green campaigner, wants an annual budget of  2 billion £ to be spent on local, organic and sustainable food in the public sector, The Guardian reports. Proposals apply to all food used by NHS, councils, schools, care homes and Whitehall departments as well as prisons and the armed forces. A Conservative party taskforce, led by the new MP, calls on the government in an unpublished final report to overhaul public sector food procurement to boost British agriculture, reduce food miles, and improve the quality of food. Changes could be cost-neutral or even save money, according to the report.

It continues that voluntary initiatives in recent years to drive the takeup of sustainable food has failed, taxpayers' money has been wasted and that strong leadership from central government is now needed. Mr Goldsmith states that he is going to push this issue and that he'd like this policy proposal to become policy. Cornwall's three hospitals serve increasing amounts of fresh, locally produced and organic food to patients, visitors and staff, while in East Ayrshire 30 % of the food in local school meals is organic, 70 % is from local sources and 90 % is unprocessed.

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