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Fairtrade Foundation to represent UK in European Business Awards

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The Fairtrade Foundation has been selected as one of 25 UK representatives in the European Business Awards. The prestigious awards are designed to recognise and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community, the Fairtrade Foundation reports. Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: „The Fairtrade Foundation’s mission is to ensure producers in the developing world get a fair price for their crops so farmers can build a sustainable future, provide new opportunities and reduce poverty in their communities. It is a mission that has seen remarkable success in the Fairtrade Foundation’s 15 years. It is fantastic that the hard work of producers and the partnerships they have forged with food manufacturers and retailers has been recognised by the European Business Awards’ judges.“

Being shortlisted for the European Business Award is a testament to the unique partnership between entrepreneurial producers in poverty stricken countries and consumers who want justice for workers in the developing world. In recent years, the Fairtrade Foundation has been working with over 400 UK businesses, ranging from major manufacturers such as Cadbury, Nestle and Tate & Lyle, to retailers and café chains including Sainsbury, M&S, Coop, Starbucks, EAT, Debenhams and Monsoon, and dedicated ethical and Fairtrade companies including Cafedirect, Divine Chocolate and People Tree. Over 60 % of purchasers are likely to recommend Fairtrade to friends and colleagues. And during Fairtrade Fortnight in February (picture), millions of campaigners in towns, schools and churches all across the UK took part in thousands of events swapping their usual purchases for Fairtrade ones, so reaching the target of one million and one swaps.

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