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SunOpta signs agreements with Clearwater Country Foods

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

SunOpta Inc. has announced that the SunOpta Fruit Group has entered into exclusive agreements with Clearwater Country Foods of Genesee, Idaho, to market and distribute the company’s Garden Green Garbanzo. Clearwater Country Foods is the pioneer of sustainable green garbanzo bean production in the United States. Under the terms of the agreement, SunOpta will be responsible for global sales and distribution of the Garden Green Garbanzo and Clearwater will provide exclusive sourcing and supply services.

Doug Moser, Chief Executive Officer of Clearwater Country Foods stated, "We have been building our business for over thirty years with focus on the Garden Green Garbanzo Bean for the past eight years. I look forward to working with SunOpta, whose knowledgeable staff and extensive experience in the natural, organic and sustainable foods industry will enable us to grow our customer base."

SunOpta has been working with Clearwater Country Foods for approximately eighteen months and during that time has completed an extensive market analysis assessing the potential of the sustainable and healthy green garbanzo and hummus markets with applications for retail, food service and industrial customers. The Company expects to initially launch the product in July 2010, packaging within its own facilities, and expanding listings over the balance of the year, with expected profitable revenues of approximately 10 million $ realized over the first full year of commercialization.



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