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Analysis of the EU organic sector

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The European Commission, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, has published an analysis of the EU organic sector. The full report is available here. A few highlights are:


  • The organic sector amounted to an estimated 7.6 million hectares in 2008, i.e. 4.3 % of EU-27 utilised agricultural area (UAA). In the period 2000 - 2008, the average annual rate of growth was 6.7 % in the EU-15 and 20.0 % in the EU-12.
  • The area under organic agriculture was close to or higher than 9 % of the total UAA in five Member States: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Austria (15.5 %) and Sweden.
  • In 2008, it is estimated that there were about 197,000 holdings involved in organic agriculture in the EU-27, i.e. 1.4 % of all EU-27 holdings (0.6 % in the EU-12 and 2.9% in the EU-15).
  • Consumer food demand grows at a fast pace in the largest EU markets, yet the organic sector does not represent more than 2% of total food expenses in the EU-15 in 2007. In the EU-12 organic food consumption stands at lower levels.




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