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Soil Association: Take action on GM

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Europe's decade-long deadlock on GM technology has ended as the European Commission has renationalised the authorisation of the cultivation of GM crops - giving member states permission to set their own rules on the issue.
The Soil Association calls to write to MP to ask for accurate labelling of meat and dairy products that come from animals fed on GM feed, or donate to their GM appeal as they urgently need funds to support their „GM NO!“ campaign. This call follows the recent rejection by the European Parliament of a proposal that there should be a requirement throughout the EU to label meat and dairy products from animals fed on GM feed. The Soil Association's view is that accurate labelling is vital so that people have the opportunity to make their own choices, and that better labelling is needed.

Also, forces are trying to persuade the public that there is no alternative to GM crops if the world's population is to be fed in the future, according to the Soil Association. In June, scientists began growing genetically modified potatoes in Norfolk, UK. The Government appears to think this represents the future for food and farming - continuing to invest tax payers' cash on this outdated technology. In the face of the powerful pro-GM lobby, the Soil Association are seeking support for their „GM NO!“ campaign.

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