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GOMA Project Newsletter

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FAO, IFOAM, and UNCTAD have announce the second issue of Harmonization and Equivalence, the GOMA (Global Organic Market Access) project newsletter. This issue gives an update on the latest equivalence news and features various articles. Some of the articles are: Asian Network formed at the GOMA workshop in Shanghai, Codex Alimentarius will expand scope of organic guidelines, GOMA helps ISO 65 revision to take organic agriculture into account, and USDA Deputy Administrator outlines new (and old) direction for NOP Accreditation. The newsletter is available here .

GOMA also reports that Japan has been added  to the EU list of third countries whose organic regulatory programs are deemed to be equivalent to the EU Organic Regulation. The declaration to amend the list was made in EC 471/2010, dated 31 May, 2010. The other approved countries are Australia, New Zealand,  Argentina,Costa Rica, Israel, India, and Switzerland. As with six other countries on the list, the Commission, according to the amended regulation, “ has examined on-the-spot the rules of production and the control measures actually applied in Japan, as provided for in Article 33(2) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.”  The exception to this process is Switzerland, whose organic regulatory program was declared equivalent under a general trade agreement between the EU and Switzerland for trade in agricultural products.





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