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Italy: Rago is expanding again

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Italian babyleaf grower Rago has announced that for the fifth year in a row they have added new land for crop cultavation. This summer they are installing 25 additional hectars of new tunnels, roads, irrigation and drainage. Rago plans on using this new area for production of both multi leaf leaves as well as full head. These new crops will add a wider selection to the conventional and organic babyleaves and herbs that Rago currently markets.

Rago has been the largest grower of organic babyleaf in Italy for some time and plan to offer a wider choice of organic leaves this winter. Rago has successfully merged the tradition and proud history of  their family farm for over 118 years with leading edge technology both in the field and their state of the art packhouse which offers packaged salads throughout Europe in a wide range of stores from local mom and pop stores to national brand supermarkets and international discount chains.

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