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France: „Nourri sans OGM“ label

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The French retailer Carrefour is launching a new label to inform customers that products carrying this label  come from animals that were not raised on GM feed, reports. The label "Nourri sans OGM" - free from GM feed - is supported by WWF France. More than 300 products in Carrefour's French stores have received the label already. Products involved in the new labelling include pork, veal, poultry, eggs, and farmed fish.

According to a study, 63 % of customers would stop consuming food products if they knew the products came from animals fed with GMOs. Carrefour France executive director James McCann said they had a very strong belief in Carrefour to inform their customers and therefore gave them the freedom to choose in a transparent way whether or not to buy products from animals fed GM-free food. He added that being a responsible retailer was a fundamental value for them.


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