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Laverana supports projects in Africa

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Since November 2009 the company Laverana Naturkosmetik has been supporting the project fund of medica mondiale. The fund provides financial help to local women organizations in war zones and crises areas worldwide which take care of woman and girls affected by violence. This year, Laverana has made available 30.000 Euros for four projects in Africa: in Uganda, Rwanda and two in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

An interview with Klara Ahlers (picture), managing director of Laverana, on the motives for their engagement.

What made you decide to stand up for women in Africa?

Klara Ahlers: in January 2009, I read an article in the German woman magazine Brigitte titled „the women village“. The stories of the women and girls described in the article made a deep impression on me. In the 80ies, about 1.400 women and girls had been violated and abused by British soldiers in a village community in Kenya. Many of them got cast out by their husbands after that or had to flee, yet they found the courage to build up a new life for themselves and their children. I was deeply moved by the women’s initiative and determinedness.

What did draw your attention to medica mondiale?

When researching on how we could help women and children with similar fates, we discovered medica mondiale. Laverana is a family enterprise; more than 70 % of the employees are women. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and a very human approach. This self-conception has made us decide to support medica mondiale. Our engagement is quite unusual as this support by lavera Naturkosmetik brings up a taboo subject. It concerns traumatized, violated women and girls whose souls and bodies have been deeply hurt. (Picture/© Cornelia Suhan/medica mondiale: The founder of the Congolese women's rights organzation PAIF, Immaculée Birhaheka, in front of the new project house in Goma)

How do you inform about your engagement?

We report about the work of medica mondiale on our website and present the projects and the individual fates supported by us. Of course, we also appeal for donations and we hope that our contribution will make medica mondiale even more known and above all make them receive more financial help. For Christmas, a special lavera gift box is available. One euro from the sales of each box will go to medica mondiale. (Picture/© Cornelia Suhan/medica mondiale: Congolese women take part in educational courses in the newly built women's community center of PAIF)


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