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USA: Theo Chocolate “Chef Sessions” and Food Lifeline Fundraiser

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Theo Chocolate’s Chef Session is a confection collection designed in collaboration with seven of the USA West Coast’s leading chefs. They were invited to spend a day Theo Chocolate's kitchen, working in tandem with the chocolatiers to create a confection that reflected each chef’s personality, using the finest ingredients available: Theo Chocolate 2010 Chef Session Confection Collection includes Maria Hines' Tamarind Lime Chili Caramel, Holly Smith's Beet Pâte du Fruit & Almond Praline, Jonathan Sundstrom's Pine Resin Ganache, Jerry Traunfeld's Huckleberry Pâte du Fruit & Cinnamon Basil White Ganache, Gabriel Rucker's Carrot Caramel, Naomi Pomeroy's Armagnac Prune Ganache & Green Peppercorn Caramel, and Chris Cosentino's Agro Dolce Brittle. The collection was launched on 18 November 2010 and is available on the company's web site or at local stores.

To add even greater meaning to this special project, Theo and their chef partners will donate US$ 15 from the purchase price of each Chef Session gift box to their local food bank, Food Lifeline. An affiliate of Feeding America, Food Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger in Western Washington. Every Chef Session Collection box purchase provides 60 meals for people in local communities. Theo Chocolate, Inc. is the first certified Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Maker in North America, and has recently changed primary certification to IMO Fair for Life. Beyond simply certifying trading practices, IMO also certifies Theo as a socially responsible manufacturer and business. Theo has undergone this certification at the factory level, and is now the first Fair Trade certified factory in the USA, in addition to being the first Fair Trade certified chocolate maker in the country.

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