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South Africa: Launch of Go-Organic Local Trader brand

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Customers in South Africa constantly ask for organic products, and small-scale organic farmers from all over South Africa ask for help to find markets on a regular basis. Until now, it was not easy for the two to find each other, and mainstream retail is not the answer, reports. have therefore launched their Go-Organic Local Trader brand – a new national network to connect small scale organic producers with customers in their area. 

It's "Nourishment for communities", because it's going to put local organic food on local plates and stimulate local economies. The Local Trader network has the potential to create 7,000 new jobs in the green economy  in the first year, particularly in communities that need it most. The goal of this new initiative is to have one Go-Organic Local Trader serving each and every town and area all over South Africa, selling organic food from the network of Go-Organic Local Suppliers. (Picture by The initiative can create 7,000 jobs in the first year)

All South Africans will benefit:

  • Better access to fresher, healthier, safer and more nutritious organically grown food
  • Local organic growers will be able to find more customers and grow their businesses
  • New organic growers and producers will be needed to meet demand - therefore more jobs will be created
  • More local money will stay with local business creating healthier, happier communities
  • Less will be spent on middlemen and transporting food

People who can run organic box schemes or are already doing so are welcome to join as it's a great opportunity to start a small business from home. A Go-Organic Local Trader will need to honour a code of conduct and be a good ambassador for There’s only one Go-Organic Local Trader licence per town or area, so fast application is recommended. The website of Go-Organic will have a full searchable list so customers can easily find the Go-Organic Local Trader in their area. Local Traders will have exclusive, password-controlled access to Go-Organic's Local Suppliers. Each Local Trader will operate under licence to Go-Organic, a registered trademark and one of the most respected brand names dealing in organic food in South Africa, according to research conducted in November 2010. Because Go-Organic’s mission is to develop local supply and sustainable communities, the cost is kept very low for someone to become a Go-Organic Local Trader or LocalSupplier.




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