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Nomination now open for Soil Association Organic Food Awards

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Now in their 23rd year, the Soil Association Organic Food Awards are the most prestigious and widely respected in the organic sector. With the help of an expert panel of judges including chefs, restaurateurs, food writers and specialists, alongside celebrity foodies, the aim of these awards is to create greater public awareness of the values of organic production, positive food culture, and the range and quality of organic food and drink available.

The awards provide the opportunity for producers to showcase their best quality organic food and drink and be given the accolade of a winning certificate and logo for ongoing promotional use. They are open to any product registered as organic and certified by a recognised organic certification body within the EU. The entry form and the rules of entry are available here. The deadline for entering the awards is 3 June 2011.

The twelve categories for the awards are as follows:

1. Baby, infant & children food - including fresh, frozen, jars and packets, savoury and sweet, snacks and drinks

2. Baked goods - including loaves, rolls, fruit breads and breads with added ingredients

3. Beer & cider - including bottled, conditioned, draught, fruit and ginger beer

4. Cakes & biscuits, confectionery & desserts - all chocolate and non chocolate based confectionery including fruit sweets, mints and liquorice. All cakes and sweet and savoury biscuits

5. Cereals - including muesli, flakes and porridge oats

6. Dairy - milk, cream, butter, eggs, cheese (including hard, soft, fresh, traditional and modern, domestic and foreign varieties). Yoghurt & ice cream (including plain, flavoured and frozen yoghurts)

7. Fruit & vegetables - prepared and unprepared, including exotic and fungi

8. Meat & fish - lamb, mutton, beef, veal, pork, poultry (including duck and game), sausages (including all fresh varieties), charcuterie (including bacon, cold prepared and cured meats and pate) and fish (including farmed freshwater, shellfish, smoked and cured fish)

9. Non alcoholic drinks - including coffee (beans, grounds, instant and decaffeinated), teas (blends, flavoured, herbal and infusions), juices, carbonated drinks, milkshakes, drinking yoghurts and smoothies and hot drinks

10. Prepared food - including burgers, patties, kebabs, meatballs and prepared cuts and joints, pies, pasties, quiches and savoury tarts, crisps, corn snacks, nuts, sandwiches and salads

11. Store cupboard staples - condiments including dressings, sauces, oils mustards, vinegars.  Savoury preserves and spreads including chutneys, relishes, pickles. Sweet preserves including jams. Cooking ingredients including oils, rices and grains, herbs and spices, dried fruit and pulses, olives, readymade pastry. Flour, soups (including fresh and preserved), sauces (including pasta and curry sauces and pestos) and soya

12. Wine & spirits - red, white, rose & sparkling, other alcoholic drinks including spirits and fortified wines, liqueurs, fruit wines and mead

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