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Fairtrade – a market leader in ethical labels

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Fairtrade is cementing its position as a market leader in ethical labels and a trusted brand across 24 countries, according to a comprehensive global study of 17,000 consumers carried out for Fairtrade International by international opinion research consultancy GlobeScan. The study showed that Fairtrade is the most widely recognized ethical label globally. 57 % of consumers across the 24 surveyed countries have seen the Fairtrade certification mark. Recognition has increased by six points to 65 % in the 15 main tracking countries since the study was first conducted in 2008. More than 80 % of consumers recognize the mark in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Finland.

The more familiar people are with Fairtrade, the more they trust it. Nine in ten consumers who recognize the mark regard it as a trusted label. When asked if a branded product that they normally buy began carrying the Fairtrade mark, 79 % of consumers say it would have a positive impact on their impression of the brand. 48 % of consumers - asked in five countries - say they are more likely to buy specific brands carrying the Fairtrade mark. Consumers’ confidence in Fairtrade is translated into their purchases – shoppers spent € 4.36 billion on Fairtrade products in 2010, up by 28 %. Consumers massively increased their Fairtrade purchases in Czech Republic (386 %), South Africa (315 %) and Australia and New Zealand (258 %). Shoppers bought an impressive 47 % more in Fairtrade’s largest market, the United Kingdom (UK).





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