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Marap - Fairtrade project in Uzbekistan

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Austrian company Marap, its Uzbek subsidiary “Silk Road Organic Foods” and the small farmers’ group from “Turkiston Gulba” produced the following organic products in Fairtrade quality for the first time in 2011: cherries, almonds, melons, sesame, beans, and chickpeas. The goods are all available dried. (Picture: Fairtrade organic farmers from Turkiston Gulba and European visitors)

In 2012 it is planned to add walnuts, apricots, pomegranates and raisins to the Fairtrade range. In the course of this, the farmers’ group will be doubled from 150 to 300 families. The medium-term plan is for 1.000 families in the Samarkand area. This year, the farmers’ group received the amount of around 50.000 Euros within the framework of the Fairtrade project for the expansion and repair of infrastructure and educational institutions. Next year this amount will be around 100.000 Euros.




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