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GMO safety issues: a summary

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Organic Federation of Australia has published information, based on scientific studies, revealing numerous health issues connected to the consumption of GMO food. One of the studies cited was published by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues in the magazine Environmental Sciences Europe. The review found significant levels of negative effects on kidneys and livers in the animals that were fed with GMOs. It also revealed that the current testing methodologies, length of feed trials and parameters measured were insufficient to evaluate the health problems that are caused by GMO diets.

GM soy also has negative effects on the offspring. A Russian rat study found that offspring of rats fed with GM soy had higher levels of mortality. Rat babies on GMO diets developed at a slower rate, had lower weights and looked different than those of rats fed on non-GMO diets. Also, it was found that when offspring from the GM group mated, they did not conceive. One of the causes might be that testicles of mice fed on GM soy had altered structures and function, which influenced sperm development, as found in another study.

A great concern for humans is that the toxin from pesticide producing GMOs can be found in bloodstream of women and their unborn children. The GMO toxin was found in 93 % of maternal blood samples and in 80 % of fetal blood samples. The women the study refers to were eating the typical Canadian diet. The summary of negative health effects of GMOs and more results of studies can be found here Organic Federation of Australia




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