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Australia: launch of NSW Organic Pioneers Award 2012

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The New South Wales (NSW) organic industry in conjunction with the NSW Department of Primary Industries has launched the NSW Organic Pioneers Award. It highlights the achievements of those in the organic industry that have shown innovation and who are actively practicing and promoting the principles and benefits of organic food and farming systems. The award is supported by key organic organisations in Australia including the Organic Federation of Australia, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, the Biological Farmers of Australia, and key organic certifiers. The award will be run annually.

The inaugural NSW Organic Pioneers Award will be held in the Australian Year of the Farmer 2012. It will be presented at a cocktail event in Sydney on 19 July 2012 and will coincide with Sydney's Sustain Expo (formerly the Organic Expo and Green Show) from 20 to 22 July 2012. Nomination for the award is open to individuals who practice, promote or produce organic food or products that have contributed to the development / improvement of the organic industry. A panel of independent judges will assess submissions in the fields of sustainable organic management, personnel management, marketing and food security. Finalists will have the opportunity to promote their achievements through media and industry events. More information on the NSW Organic Pioneers Award is available here

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