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USA: In-depth study on grain by the Organic Center

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Organic Center has published the study "With the Grain: A closer look at the nutrient quality of grain, grain-based products, and the role of organic agriculture." The study is available for download here:

Research has shown that many of the health benefits of whole grains come from not only the higher fiber content, but also their rich variety of vitamins, minerals and health promoting phytochemicals, many with antioxidant activity. The Organic Center is taking a closer look at the factors that influence the nutrient content of grains, and also at the role that organic agriculture plays to help further boost the nutrient advantage of whole grains. The study was published to help consumers make smart food choices to benefit from the potential health promoting qualities of whole grains. In addition, a better understanding of the influences from seed to table will show ways in which nutrient contents can be improved. 





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