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USA: Organic Production Survey Results 2011

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The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has released the results of the 2011 Certified Organic Production Survey, highlighting US$3.5 billion (2.7 billion euros) in sales of organically grown agricultural commodities last year. This is the latest data since the 2008 Organic Production Survey results were released and illustrates market growth in a number of areas, CCOF reports. Results show a total of 9,140 USDA-certified organic farms in 2011.

Wholesale markets are the number one marketing outlet and account for 81% of sales. California leads in organic sales, accounting for close to US$1.4bn (1 billion euros). 2 million acres of cropland (800,000 hectares)in the USA and 1.6 million acres of pasture/rangeland are certified organic. Top states for certified operations include California, who leads the nation with 1,898 certified farms, and Wisconsin with 870. Corn is the leader in organic field crop sales at US$101.5 million, followed by alfalfa dry hay at US$69.5 million. Average sales per farm amount to US$414,726. Organic milk tops livestock commodities, accounting for US$765 million in sales. The full report is available here.




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