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Prince Charles receives Lifetime Achievement Award

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Prince of Wales has accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 7th International Green Awards gala ceremony in London. In a video message that had been previously recorded, he mentioned that it was an “act of suicide on a grand scale” to flout nature’s limits and ignore environment issues. He also stated that future generations could be condemned to an “unbearably toxic and unstable existence”. They could be heading to the terrifying point of no return when it comes to green issues, with humanity and the Earth soon to suffer some “very grim consequences”, the Telegraph reports. (Picture: Video speech of Prince Charles for the opening session of the Suscon Conference in Bonn, 27-28 November 2012)

Prince Charles told the Royal Society of Arts- accredited ceremony that it was enormously encouraging they had noticed what he had been doing all these years and deemed what he called his "rather inadequate efforts" worthy of their Lifetime Achievement Award. A spokesman for the award explained that The Prince of Wales has been an environmental leader for over 40 years, working with businesses, charities, governments and other organisations to help promote sustainable ways of living and working. He has been at the forefront of a growing ecological movement promoting environmental awareness and his work has sought to meet a huge range of modern challenges. Past winners of the International Green Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award have included Sir David Attenborough and Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Wangari Mathaai.

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