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Denmark: Over 300 catering operations carry organic food logo

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343 gastronomy and catering establishments in Denmark carry the organic food logo in gold, silver or bronze. So far, the list of locations with the logo is dominated by canteens (32 %) and institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and schools (33 %), followed by restaurants and hotels (16 %). (Picture: preparing food at a kindergarden in Aarhus)

234 establishments have been awarded the logo in bronze (30-60% of the food served is organic); 68 have the silver logo (60-90% organic food), and 41 proudly display the gold logo (90-100 % organic food). The logos will be the centre of attention at the Copenhagen Food Fair on 24 to 27 February when food minister Mette Gjerskov hands them over to a number of establishments.

Sales of organics to canteens, restaurants and insitutions have doubled in the past three years from about DKK456m in 2009 (about EUR61m) to about DKK918m (about EUR123m) in 2012. These numbers are taken from from reports by the 15 largest food-service wholesalers in Denmark and estimates by Organic Denmark for the rest of the market. The Danish government has set the target of 60 % of food in public canteens having to be organic by 2020. (Picture: food for a kindergarden in Silkeborg)

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