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UK: Growth potential for food co-ops and buying groups

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A new report from the Soil Association highlights the growth potential of food co-ops and buying groups to support access to affordable, ethical and sustainable produce. The report produced at the end of the Making Local Food Work, Big Lottery funded programme revealed over 400 enterprises were supported by the initiative with many opportunities for development across the UK. This confirms consumers are keen to embrace new community food initiatives ensuring food is local, sustainable and affordable.

The report also highlights some of the most interesting recent developments in the sector including new large-scale buying groups and co-ops such as People’s Supermarket, a sustainable food cooperative in London and Real Food Exeter, a community owned food store with over 300 members. Successes in Europe also feature Biocoop in France, a national organic distribution co-op with over 320 independently run Biocoop member shops and the Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale network (GAS) in Italy, a large scale buying group with over 700 member groups, each with numbers varying between 10 and 300 families.

The full report from the Soil Association can be found here: Buying groups - A viable supermarket alternative?






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