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USA: NFC announces No GMO Kosher policy

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Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) has announced that its Apple K Kosher Certification Program will no longer accept applications from manufacturers seeking kosher certification for products that contain GMO’s. The Apple K No GMO policy required for kosher product certification will begin immediately, while currently-certified Apple K products which may contain GMO’s will have 12 months to change their ingredient listing.

NFC Founder and Director, Rabbi Reuven Flamer explains: “NFC was very proud to introduce the first ‘Natural Only’ kosher supervision. Rejecting products that contain GMO’s for kosher certification is a logical addition to our kosher supervision, given the variety of certification and verification programs which NFC offers,” he explained. “While according to the strict letter of Kosher food law, a GMO food ingredient is not prohibited, it certainly is not natural.” 

NFC recently inaugurated a new GMO product verification program called GMO Guard, and their food certification programs include USDA Organic Certification, Kosher Certification (under the “Apple K” label), Vegan Certification and Gluten Guard, a gluten-free assurance program. More information is available here.


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