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USA: Whole Foods starts with low-budget store

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Whole Foods Market has opened a new shop on 2,000 m² in the inner city of Detroit. The store is smaller than the chain's other markets. Prices are lower and there is a larger selection of private-label items and frozen and prepackaged foods to attract budget-conscious shoppers, New Hope 360 reports. Whole Foods has been offering classes in Detroit-area community centers about how to shop most effectively at its stores.  

Whole Foods Market has teamed up with local schools and arts groups to offer a full day of outdoor performances as shoppers explored a rich choice of natural, organic and local options inside. As part of the chain's commitment to community partnerships, the Detroit store was working with three local charities on the opening day, according to company information. The store is tailored to the local community, aimed at expanding Whole Foods’s opportunities. Further stores with the same concept will follow in New Orleans and Chicago.

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