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Organic juices - the best ones in Ukraine

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The results of the prestigious fourth international tasting competition Best Drink 2013 were officially announced in Kyiv (Ukraine). Among many different conventional and organic juices and other beverages produced in Ukraine, for the second consecutive year, Ukrainian producers of organic juices and drinks have been praised. The expert commission recognized the certified organic apple juice of the Pan Eko brand by blind organoleptic tasting. The juice is manufactured by the Tizesh farm in Transcarpathia and distributed by Ukragrofin. It won the first place in the category Discovery of the Year.

In addition, the jury of the contest awarded the organic tomato juice of Pan Eko with the first prize in the category of Natural Products. The organic manufacturers from Transcarpathia that are certified by Biokontroll consistently achieve high quality in the production of their organic beverages, which is confirmed by another award this year: the cranberry drink of Pan Eko got first prize in the category of Natural Components. These juices are made in the safest part of the Carpathians by direct extraction without the addition of any water and sweeteners, and only in accordance with the organic standards of the European Union. (Pictures to the left and below: Organic juices from Pan Eko won three prizes at the competition)

In 2011, the brand Pan Eko was recognized as the best brand name of Transcarpathia, according to the Carpathian News Agency. In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, at the All-Ukrainian competition Organic of the Year, Pan Eko was recognized as the best brand of certified organic products in Ukraine. Organic UA notes that the more than twenty kinds of juices and drinks of Pan Eko primarily sold in the specialty stores and organic foods departments are increasingly demanded by customers in different parts of Ukraine. 

The international tasting competition Best Drink was established to identify and promote the best products of the beverage industry and to fill the Ukrainian consumer market with the high-quality products. The organizer of the contest is ACCO International, with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the State Agriculture Inspectorate of Ukraine. The tasting committee is composed of leading, experienced expert tasters, the State Standard Committee and representatives of the Ministry of Health, technology companies, sommeliers, as well as independent observers and the media. According to the Organic Federation of Ukraine, the domestic organic market reached 7.9m EUR in 2012, up from 5.1m EUR in the previous year. The number of organic products is also growing in Ukraine, including almost all food and drink categories. (Picture: Organic strawberries from Ukraine)

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