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USA: Food Chain Radio - MetroFarm

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Every week - as he has for over 700 weeks - Michael Olson (picture) brings the most important issues to the table for an hour of his "what's eating what" radio show. How will the price of gas affect the price of food? Is it safe to eat genetically engineered corn?  Why do they irradiate meat? Are we running short of water? - are some of the questions covered in the award-winning Saturday food chain radiotalk show .

Michael Olson cultivated his first crop at the age of six. He has since participated in the commercial production of beans, beets, blueberries, cattle, garlic, hay, oats, shallots, strawberries, turf grass, wheat and wine grapes in the states of California, Montana and Oregon. Olson also consults on farm projects throughout the world, with projects ranging from Cyprus to the Amazon. He produced, wrote and/or photographed feature-length news for a variety of media. Olson is the author of MetroFarm, the Ben Franklin Book of the Year finalist and executive producer and host of the radio show mentioned above, among others. Olson has over two decades of broadcast media management and has helped hundreds of locally-owned businesses compete against national chains. More information is available here:





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