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Whole Foods stores to be smaller in the UK

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Whole Foods Market’s stores in the UK will be smaller in the future, Natural Products Online reports. Whole Foods founder and co-CEO John Mackey stated that the retailer would switch their store sizes to rather 1400 m² than the over 3,500 m² that were performing well in the USA. The company has just opened a new shop in Detroit (USA) that was also smaller (2,000 m²) and with lower prices (we reported earlier). He stated that so far only consumers from the USA or young people could be reached in the UK, but no middle-aged adults that grew up in the country. (Picture: Whole Foods in London)

Mr. Mackey said that Whole Foods intended to stay in the UK “for the long haul”. Whole Foods currently runs seven stores in the UK - in London, Gloucestershire and Glasgow. The next UK openings are scheduled for London in autumn this year and in January 2014, according to company information.


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