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UK: Soil Association conference 2013

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The Soil Association annual conference will take place at Central Hall Westminster in London from 9-10 October 2013. Attendees on day one of the conference will have an early opportunity to hear from Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England, about how the new Health and Wellbeing Boards in England can drive local action on food skills, food procurement and food poverty. The Soil Association’s Food for Life Partnership work in schools celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and a senior spokesperson for the Department for Education’s soon-to-be-launched School Food Plan will be talking about how the success of Food for Life can be taken forward into the next decade. The Sustainable Food Cities concept is coming of age across the UK, and attendees will be hearing from its leading architects in London, Scotland and Wales. And finally, attendees will be given the chance to quiz campaigners and opinion leaders about food poverty, and how some lasting solutions can be found. The annual general meeting session will also take place. The day will end with a Drinks Reception and Producer Supper.

What are the ideas that will transform farming and where will they come from? On day two of the conference, delegates will hear from 40 of the most creative people in British farming and growing today, shortlisted for a new award recognising outstanding innovators. Punctuating conversations with innovators, keynote speakers will explore what British farming can glean from elsewhere. What can be learned from social innovation in other sectors like health or education, from farmer-led innovation in other parts of the world, and what can organic and non-organic agriculture learn from each other? How do we foster 21st century solutions to the challenge of feeding people fairly, humanely and sustainably? These and more questions and subjects will be dealt with during the conference. More information as well as a detailed list of speakers is available here:



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