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Food Growing Schools in London

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Garden Organic, the UK’s leading organic growing charity, has received £804,994 (about €936,000) from the Big Lottery Fund towards an ambitious project. The Food Growing Schools: London project will see Garden Organic work in partnership with Capital Growth, Food For Life Partnership, Greater London Authority, Morrisons Let’s Grow Programme and the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign For School Gardening to deliver food growing into all London schools over the next three years. The project has evolved from the Defra-supported Food Growing in Schools Taskforce, which identified a need for more support in developing food growing activity in schools. (Picture: school children with their harvest)

The Food Growing Schools: London project will work to strengthen and build upon existing activity to support all schools in London to fully embed food growing into school life. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate how every school and the community it serves can benefit from food growing, so that school leaders, staff and volunteers have the skills and confidence to get involved. Initially, Garden Organic and its partners will survey all London schools to see what help they need. Once completed by the end of 2013, the project will find ways to support all London schools to increase the effectiveness of their food growing activities or start growing food if they are not yet a food growing school.

Actions for the project include showcasing best practice and the benefits of food growing to schools, development of a volunteer network and helping schools hook-up with supporting companies and groups. There will also be training opportunities for school staff and volunteers, support to find funding for food growing equipment and a new website to match schools and supporting organisations.

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