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BioFach 2014: Vegans love organic food

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

On the basis of data collected by the Allensbach Institute, the number of vegetarians in Germany is currently estimated at around 7 million people, 700,000 of whom are vegan. Every day, 2,000 more people become vegetarians, according to the Vegetarian Association. The number of vegetarians in the world is currently estimated at one billion. India is the front runner with – depending on the source – 20 to 40% of the total population, i.e. up to 200 million citizens.

A growing number of inspirational chefs, amongst other people and things, demonstrate that vegetarian and vegan food is anything but unenjoyable or even implying a sacrifice. They are called Attila Hildmann, Björn Moschinski (see picture), Josita Hartanto, Nicole Just or Surdham Göb – and they are causing a vegan sensation in Germany with their culinary creations, catering concepts and restaurants, as well as with their recipe books for cooking at home. Internationally too, chefs are presenting themselves with vegan concepts, for example the Americans Amanda Cohen or Chloe Coscarelli.
The fact that vegetarian and vegan food is in fashion is also demonstrated by new, innovative retail concepts that are establishing themselves on the market. Anyone who wants to eat vegetarian or vegan food will find what they are looking for in Germany at Veganz, for example. Four branches in Berlin (2x), Frankfurt and Hamburg have opened since 2011. Another vegan retail concept, Maran Vegan, has recently been launched in Vienna.
BioFach has witnessed an ever increasing range of products for vegan cooking in recent years. Most recently, 479 of the 2,413 exhibitors at the exhibition duo BioFach (436) and Vivaness (43), in February 2013 presented corresponding products. Vegetarian or vegan does not necessarily always also mean organic, but the organic sector probably provides the greatest variety of products for lovers of this style of diet.

The next edition of BioFach in Germany, from 12 to 15 February 2014, is going to have a separate category for vegan products at its Novelty Stand for the first time. Thus, vegan delicacies are to compete for the Best New Product Award for the first time too. More information is available here: BioFach



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