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USA: Strong financial support from Monsanto and DuPont for No on 522 campaign

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Washington State’s I-522 is an initiative to label GMOs in food products sold to the public at retail outlets. Big money just keeps rolling in to the No on 522 campaign, however: Monsanto poured in US$4.6m (about €3,5m) on 5 September 2013, and a US$3.2m (about €2.4m) contribution came from Dupont Pioneer, the Organic Consumers Association report. In total, according to the most recent numbers from the Public Disclosure Commission, the No on 522 campaign has brought in just over US$11m (about €83.m) in cash. In addition to big-time contributions from Dupont and Monsanto, the Grocery Manufactures Association has also thrown in US$1.75m to defeat I-522.

Meanwhile, the Yes on I-522 campaign - which at one time was winning the all-important fundraising battle - now stands at a significant financial disadvantage. According to filings with the state's Public Disclosure Commission, Yes on I-522 has brought in just over US$3m, with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps accounting for nearly US$1m of that money. Interestingly,US$72,817.77 has been raised for Yes on I-522 from small-time contributions, while the No on 522 campaign has brought in only US$25 from small contributions.

The financial advantage held by the No on 522 campaign is obvious at this point, but it is not clear if this will matter: A recent poll of 406 voters has showed that two in three voters intend to vote for the GMO labeling measure. Additionally, according to the Elway Poll, support for the measure is particularly strong amongst voters with annual incomes over US$100,000; 54% of that demographic is "definitely" planning to vote for the measure.

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