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Awards for research and defence of organic farming 2013

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2013 will be a very special year for Valor Ecológico Association and Andrés Núñez de Prado family, who are pleased to announce the fifteenth edition of the Organic Farming Research and Defence Awards. This award publicly acknowledges the work of individuals, companies and organisations (public and private) working on issues related to Organic Farming.

People who have recently worked on an Organic Farming research project can submit their application, and could win up to € 6.000. Persons or organisations that have significantly contributed to the defence and promotion of organic production can be nominated.

The deadline for submissions and nominations is 15 October 2013, and should be sent at the following address:

XV Convocatoria Premios a la Ivenstigación y Defensa en Producción Ecológica

Asociación Valor Ecológico

Avda. Emilio Lemos nº 2. Mod. 603

41020 Sevilla (SPAIN)

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