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IFOAM celebrates the Launch of Frutos de la Tierra

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

15 September 2013 marked the launch of Frutos de la Tierra, the collective mark of ANPE Peru, IFOAM reports. The collective mark was developed in the project Ecological and Socioeconomic Intensification for Food Security in Smallholder Agriculture in the Andes (AGROECO) and is a strategic marketing tool that directly addresses food security issues among vulnerable organic rural smallholders. It aims to deliver organic market benefits to organized smallholders and to enhance bio-diverse ecosystems.

Roberto Ugas, IFOAM World Board Member and AGROECO Project Coordinator was part of the event and gave a presentation pointing out that we cannot yet celebrate to the full as long as there are still people with food insecure livelihoods. Andre Leu also addressed the audience as a special guest and the event concluded with Gaston Acurio, a world famous chef  and supporter of ANPE Peru. IFOAM is a project partner in charge of the International Study on Participatory Guarantee Systems to assess the social and economic impact of PGS processes on rural livelihoods. More information can be found here:





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