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UK: Organic Producer Conference in Birmingham

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Intensive Sustainability or Sustainable Intensification - which way forward for organic farming? is the subject of the Organic Research Centre’s 8th Organic Producer Conference. It is held at the Aston Business School, Aston University, in Birmingham on 22 and 24 January 2014. The challenges of creating sustainable food systems will be addressed by eminent speakers, including Professor Charles Godfray (director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food), Gunnar Rundgren (author of Garden Earth – from hunter and gatherers to global capitalism and thereafter) and leading organic grower Iain Tolhurst.

The traditional conference format was restructured to enable participants to debate and help find real, innovative solutions to achieving sustainability in practice. For the arable farmer there will be sessions on fulfilling the potential of growing oats; participatory plant breeding; the research needs of the sector; reducing the productivity gap in organic farming by balancing nutrients and controlling weeds. The growers will focus on building resilient seed systems; making growing systems truly local and innovative marketing that goes beyond ‘posh nosh.’ Livestock farmers will have workshops on exploring the opportunities and bottlenecks in the beef and lamb market; liverfluke control and reducing antibiotic use.

There will also be sessions on maintaining productivity from grassland; soft rush control and home-grown feed and forage – closing the system. Other cross-cutting themes include the hot topics of CAP reform and its implications for organic producers; UK organic market prospects; planning succession of your farm; community woodfuel and agroforestry. The full programme is available on-line and the early-bird booking deadline is 20 December 2013. More information can be found at



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