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More organic products for East Africa

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

With a start-up grant of DKK2.5m (about €335m) in 2014 from Danida, Organic Denmark can now begin a multi- year effort to develop the market for organic food in East Africa. Organic Denmark is already involved in several projects to disseminate basic knowledge of organic agriculture to poor African farmers. (Pictures by Per Rasmussen: Supermarket Nakumatt in Nairobi)

Now a new project is launched in Kenya, which will increase the consumption of locally produced organics in the retail trade by creating awareness among consumers and food retailers about the value of organic products. Ultimately, the project will benefit small East African organic farmers who can achieve a more stable market for their products domestically.

“It is the first project in Africa with a focus on consumers and grocery stores to develop the market for organics”, says Per Rasmussen, international consultant for Organic Denmark, and explains that, particularly in the Kenyan capital Nairobi – on which the project focuses– there is potential for increased sales. “There is an emerging demand for organics, especially among the middle class in Nairobi. Consumers are increasingly interested in natural and healthy food, and many worry about pesticides residues in their food. More and more people are conscious of what ecology can offer and we are glad to support this development”, says Per Rasmussen.

Besides increasing awareness among consumers, employees of the grocery sector will be in focus, who will be trained in marketing and procurement of organic products. The project is implemented in cooperation with the five national environmental organizations in the East African Community.

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