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Sustainable biogas production handbook

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

One of the major problems of stakeholders interested in biogas technologies is the lack of knowledge about sustainable organic biogas production. The publication Sustainable biogas production a handbook for organic farmers thus provides a single source of information about the biogas process, the technical and non-technical aspects of planning, building and operating biogas plants as well as about biogas and digestate utilisation. This kind of information is collected by the partners as well as by literature research. The biogas handbook is intended as a “how to approach”-guide, giving basic information about biogas from anaerobic digestion, with the main focus on organic biogas plants. It is addressed to different target groups: organic farmers; plant constructors and/or counsellors; political representatives on a local or national level

The handbook consists of three main parts. The first part, “What is sustainable organic biogas”, provides basic information about biogas technologies, describing the microbiological process of anaerobic digestion and its main applications in the society, the utilisation of biogas and digestate and the technical components of a biogas plant. The second part, entitled “How to get started”, shows how to approach the planning and building of a biogas plant, highlighting also the safety elements to be taken into consideration as well as the possible costs and benefits of such a plant. The third part consists of “Annexes”, that includes explanation of terms, conversion units, abbreviations, literature and address lists. The handbook has been published in English, French, German, Bulgarian, Danish, Polish and Spanish. It can be downloaded here. Printed versions can be ordered free of charge via email.





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