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UK: new handbook and course on potential of organic farming at ORC

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The 2014 Organic Farm Management Handbook is now available. The tenth edition of the handbook was written by Nic Lampkin, Mark Measures and Susanne Padel. This publication aims at everyone interested in the business of organic farming and growing.
The new edition provides an update on CAP reform developments and the likely shape of schemes to come, as well as an update on organic markets as growth returns. Individual copies can be ordered for £20 plus postage. Discounted bulk / trade order prices are available. More information is available here: Organic Research Centre

The course Looking to the Future: Marketing and Business Potential of Organic Farming will be held at the Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury on 26 March 2014. There is evidence of growth returning to UK organic markets: in the first part of this course, it is looked at market trends, case studies of organic business and market channel options, and the potential impacts of future EU regulation changes are considered.

Despite the market pressures, organic producers have managed to maintain their financial performance relative to conventional systems. The course will examine the cost and pricing factors contributing to this performance using survey data and it will consider the likely directions that key variables will take. It will include a review of CAP direct payment and RDP implementation plans as they affect organic producers in England. Participants will receive copies of the latest Soil Association Organic Market report to be published in March as well as the 2014 Organic Farm Management Handbook. More information is available here.






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