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A guide to sourcing organic cotton in Turkey

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

A new guide is available - the  Guide to Sourcing Organic Cotton in Turkey. It was launched by Textile Exchange and publication partners are Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration, Control Union, Egedeniz, Orimpex, and Sanko. Turkey is one of the pioneers in organic and has been growing and manufacturing organic cotton products for nearly 30 years. Turkey’s textile sustainability movement is growing fast and the number of GOTS, OE and OCS certified companies is steadily rising. The guide gives readers an introduction to Turkish Organic: where it is grown, manufactured and some of the people involved. It opens with an Organic Cotton 101 since many of Textile Exchange's members felt there was a need for more information on how to get started in organic and how to go about sourcing responsibly. 

The UNDP and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Development Southeastern Anatolia Regional Development Administration in Turkey see organic as a fundamental tool for eliminating poverty and developing sustainability in parts of the country that are still suffering economically. In the guide, readers will learn about the collaborative efforts of governments, the UN, and the private sector in Southeast Anatolia.

The Guide to Sourcing Organic Cotton in Turkey is the first of a new regional series. It is planned to create a new guide each year focusing on different producer regions. Each new guide will be launched at Textile Exchange’s annual conference. The Turkey guide was launched in Istanbul. The second guide will be focused on the Americas and will be launched in Portland. More information is available here: Textile Exchange






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