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INOFO - call for participants

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The IFAD-INOFO Project - Capacity Building for the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organizations (INOFO) - was launched in January 2014 and aims to strengthen smallholder family farmers, particularly the organic farmer organisations in Africa, Latin America and Asia and their international network. The project intends to empower farmers collectively and their leaders individually to represent their interests to national and international institutions and to support those in recognizing the genuine positions of the smallholder farmers.

The Capacity Building Program is a key component of the IFAD- INOFO project. It guides the representatives of organic farmers’ organisations and present and future organic farmer leaders through a two-year on the job capacity building process. IFOAM is now accepting applications. There will be two programs running in parallel. The English program focuses on Africa/Asia and the Spanish one on Latin America. The deadline for application is 11 May 2014. More information is available from IFAD-INOFO  






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