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Public consultation on aquaculture

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic aquaculture is a sector in fast development. Yet, for the organic movement, some fundamental questions are still on the table: can the concept of ‘organic’ really accommodate aquaculture and if so, on what scale?

For example, some aquaculture systems are completely disconnected from the natural environment and function rather as processing plants than as farms (e.g. in-door tank systems), IFOAM reports. Also, many species currently raised in organic aquaculture systems are carnivorous and are fed on leftovers from so-called ‘sustainable fisheries’, i.e. feed that is not certified organic and that may negatively impact wild fish stocks and ecosystems. Is ‘organic’ the best concept to describe those systems? Should the concept of ‘organic aquaculture’ be better defined and more strictly regulated? What principles should it be based on?

Therefore, IFOAM has launched a broad public consultation on what organic should mean for aquaculture. It addresses organic professional as well as organic consumers. Answering the survey should take you about an hour. The questionnaire needs to be filled in before 2 July 2014. More information is available here.



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